Be You(tiful)

I love this poster from the 2009 Love your body campaign.  As a health and fitness Coach, I wish for more than anything more women loved their bodies than hated them.

It is too easy to go onto Google to look up fitness motivation and instead you see photos of women with fake tans and six pack abs posing scantily clad for the camera. In the tiniest bikini ever created no less!

I look at those photos and I say to myself, “Really? I don’t want to look like her.”

Where are the normal women who are just seeking to be healthier?  Those who are in the middle of their journey? Those who are a work in progress?

I love talking to women all over social  media who aren’t looking to be something they are not.  They are just looking to feel more energy, exercise a little more and eat healthier. They just want to be good examples for their little families and for those around them. That this lifestyle is fun even if it does carry some sacrifice.

Perfection is lame. It is overrated.

Those stretch marks you have? You earned those because your body did the most amazing thing it was designed to do. Give LIFE.

Hips too big? Butt too large? Cellulite that won’t go away no matter how many squats and lunges you torture yourself with? It comes with the territory of beautiful, curvy women. Do the best you can, stay hydrated and know that you were blessed with a figure most women would kill for. (Honestly, I am boy shape…there are no curves to me!)

The point of fighting Obesity is not to make everyone look like stick figures, but to help women realize their full potential and to love their bodies.  To not look in the mirror and cry in disgust, but to view themselves as whole, healthy and downright beautiful.

Just as God intended them.

Be You(tiful)!



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