Designer Waters: Friend or Foe?

If you are in Southern California right now with me, you know it is extremely hot and we are all trying to beat the heat as well as stay hyrdrated. Cool beverages are our best friends right now, can I get an Amen?! And sometimes I like a little flavor to my water because water tastes like, well, water.

But could some designer waters actually be bad for us? Even the ones that claim to have benefits?

Last night I saw a segment on the news regarding Designer waters and let’s face it, it is all the rage. And drinking plain tap water can be very boring and we need a little extra flavor in order to quench our thirst.  Skinny Water, Vitamin Water, Smart Water, Coconut Water (My favorite!), Dream Water…they all sound amazing and seem to provide the nutrients and vitamins and electrolytes needed.

But like the fitness expert stated, if you aren’t really doing any sweat inducing physical activity for at least 60 minutes, you won’t really benefit from these special drinks.  And some of these beverages contain close to 30 grams of sugar.

30 grams! You might as well just eat candy!

When purchasing waters like these, check out the labels and look at the ingredients.  If it sounds too good to be true, it usually is.

I love Coconut Water, but I rarely drink it just because I am thirsty. I usually consume them after a tough workout or run and know I need to replenish my levels.

If the thought of plain water makes you swear off drinking it, try freezing fruit.  A natural sweetener that  will add a little extra something to your water and keep you hydrated. A win-win!

Are you a big fan of Designer Waters? If so, why? What’s your favorite? If not, why not?



2 thoughts on “Designer Waters: Friend or Foe?

  1. Mandi Zachary says:

    Hey! It’s fit_b4_40 from IG. It’s funny you wrote about this because I just bought a Vitamin Water in order to replenish my electrolytes. We have all had a stomach bug in my house and my doctor suggested getting Gatorade or Pedialyte and I really had a hard time doing that and told him so. Well, I finally gave in because we are all getting dehydrated and still need sodium do I’m drinking it. It tastes good, but good isn’t always good for you. 32 g sugar!!! Yikes!!

    • tiffanyharper says:

      I know right! I think those drinks can be good if a person was so dehydrated (and probably suffering from low sugar levels) but other than that it is basically drinking a candy bar. LOL! I hope you are feeling much better now! The Stomach bug is not a friend of mine either.

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