My First Grader And What the Heck To Feed Her

My sweet little buddy began first grade on Monday:

I am kind of alarmed that my first born is already in grade school. I mean, didn’t I just have this kid?

And she is growing so tall so quickly and her metabolism is wicked (and enviously) fast that I often find myself asking:

“What the heck do I feed this kid?!”

I love how I have battles with deciding what to feed  my kid.  I suppose that is better than being without and worrying that she will have to go hungry at night. I sadly know some families that are going through this. Kills me.

But that isn’t the point of this post today.  I wanted to share a really awesome resource that I was literally just told about today.  It is perfect for  families like me who are on a budget and are also trying to eliminate  processed foods from their families plates and cupboards and institute a love of real food.

Doesn’t that make you happy?

Madi is so excited she can’t wait to tell you about it! So here you go!

Hi Everyone! This is Madi, the totally hyper, outgoing and girly firstborn daughter of Mommy. (Well, Tiffany to you folks.) Now let’s get something straight here. I like lunchables, especially the pizza ones, chocolate milk from Starbucks and special shakes when I go on dates with my daddy.  But Mommy is on a whole “let’s get our family healthy and take care of our bodies because God made them” kick that she told us those favorite foods of mine are on the “Once in a while Treat” list. Boooo.

The good thing is when my Mommy goes shopping, she lets me come along and pick out what fruits and veggies I want to try and she lets me help cut stuff in the kitchen. Because I love to help. And I try to ignore Mommy when she says she would like to cut celery in peace….whatever that means.

Umm Mommy is staring at me so I guess I just need to tell you to go check out 100 Days of Real Food. Bye!

Okay I will explain more!  I love this site because honestly, like you guys, it can be a challenge to come up with real food for our kids that will be sustainable in their lunch boxes and that compete with the junk food that the schools often offer.  I love this site because it breaks down cost, has a free meal planner and tons of recipes. Again, perfect for families.

And whenever I love something, I tell you guys. Sharing is caring.

I am sure there are a ton more websites like this, but I was just drooling over the site so I had to post it. And what perfect timing too now that Madi is back in school.

Do you guys have any favorite meal planning websites perfect for families? Please share!



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