Why Choose Compassion?


Dan and I have sponsored a sweet little girl from India for about 2 years now.  We chose her based solely on the fact that she was female, and she was about Madison’s age. She is a pure delight and we love receiving letters from her every few months to hear how she is growing in the love of Christ as well as how she is benefiting from the Compassion Child program. In fact our sweet girl will turn 6 this month and we are so excited to celebrate her birthday! It is like having another child without the pain of labor! *smile*  We hope to eventually sponsor a second child soon. A little boy for Sean. Our ultimate goal is to sponsor 4 children.

When people ask how much it costs to sponsor a child, I never hesitate to tell them how much. Personally, compared to so many other things we spend our money on in this country, the cost to sponsor a sweet child in a third world country is nothing.  And not only that, but I truly do want to give back. I LOVE children. It kills me that there are babies in this world (and even older children) who:

*Don’t know Jesus

*Are unable to get an education

*Are at extreme risk for otherwise curable diseases due to lack of medication/medical care

*They fear being abused/kidnapped etc

*Have lost their entire family members due to war, famine and AIDS and are trying to take care of themselves. Some of them are as young as my Sean. I cannot even fathom my Sean digging through trash desperate for food at the age of 3.

Yes….it kills me.

I don’t regret a single bit that my nearly $40.00 is budgeted out to help someone else.  Never. Regretted. It. Once.

If you currently sponsor a child, what a joy!  Thank you for choosing to be a light to these precious children.  Thank you!

If you are on the fence, or need more information or the Lord’s leading, would you go here and pray?

*Pray over these children that they would have a sponsor soon.

*Pray for the child you should sponsor if God so leads you to do so.

*Pray for the hearts of the children who are still waiting. That they increase in hope and that they would know that Jesus loves them regardless.

Thank you for letting me share my story.  I pray you are led to be a part of this incredible organization to release children from poverty in Jesus’ Name.



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