The Ultimate Reset-What Is It and Is It Right For You?

Most of the time when we hear someone say they are going on a detox, we immediately think starvation or subjecting oneself to a crazy cleanse that does more harm than good. (Hello Master Cleanse….I am talking to you.  Oh yeah…I named names).

When I first heard about the Ultimate Reset that was released through Beachbody, I have to admit, I was very skeptical.  My experience with those performing cleanses had not been favorable in the past.

However, after having several of my friends ask me about the Reset, and by conducting my own personal research, my husband and I are embarking on the detox journey beginning October 10th.

So what is the Ultimate Reset?

It is a complete, three-phase, 21 day program that provides you with all the tools you need in order to:

1. Reclaim your body’s natural balance

2. Release harmful materials that you may have hiding within your body.

3. Restore your body to its optimal state.

What the Ultimate Reset is NOT:

1. A Starvation diet. You WILL be eating three healthy, filling meals everyday.

2. An abrupt cleanse that is hard on your body. You will be provided with natural supplements that work together to provide a gentle and gradual  shift of your body’s internal settings.

3. A laxative-based, colon focused cleanse. Those don’t truly detoxify you, which is the whole point of the Reset. We want to eliminate toxins…not just have you going to the bathroom all the time!

Why would someone want to do the Ultimate Reset?

Sometimes, regardless of how often we exercise, how well we eat, how much sleep we get….our bodies can feel, well, off.  And we need to provide it with routine maintenance in order to ensure that our bodies are functioning at their optimal state.  Much like you take in your car for regular oil change, change its tires, replace breaks and fill it with the right type of fluid, it is the same with caring for our bodies.

Because if we don’t, then our bodies break down.

The Ultimate Reset can help you:

*Have more energy  and greater focus

*Experience better digestion and a more positive mood.

*Enable your body to function more efficiently

*Lose weight (This is not a weight loss program. This is a program designed to cleanse you and remove toxins. So if you are looking to solely lose weight I suggest you email me and we can discuss workouts or other programs for you.)

*Improve your overall health

Also, take note, I will be refraining from intense exercise activity for 21 days. That is going to be a hard one for us. My husband and I workout regularly so it will be a big change of focus, but I think it will benefit our bodies to rest from the physical activity and focus on the internal stuff.

If you need more information about the Ultimate Reset, please email me. Or you can check out the website where there are videos provided as well as other information for you.

I will post pictures on my Instagram and Facebook pages and on this blog, sharing some recipes and Dan and I will post a video once a week together to document this journey.

We are very excited!

What do you think about the Ultimate Reset?

❤ Tiff


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