ROCKTOBER Fit Challenge

October, November and December.  Those blessed Holiday months where we gather with family, enjoy lovely and fun traditions and parties and good food.

Oh and don’t forget the holiday pounds that we normally all hide under comfy sweaters and stretchy pants.

Say what?

Did you know that the average person tends to put on between 5-12 pounds during the holidays?

That is almost a pound a week.

Let’s change that shall we?

This month I am joining with Michelle Myers for a Rocktober Fit Challenge. Here is how it works:

Everyday you will be given a health related that will challenge you and push you towards weight loss/weight maintenance rather than gaining the holiday weight.

You will take a photo and tag me (@tiffharper143 for Instagram or tiff_harper for Twitter) and Michelle Myers (MichelleLMyers) on Instagram and/or twitter and be sure to use the hashtag #rocktoberfitchallenge

Sound good?

Who’s in?!

October 1 – Athletic shoes

October 2 – Song that pumps you up to workout

October 3 – Workout partner

October 4 – Favorite workout DVD/workout equipment

October 5 – Daily supplement

October 6 – Your calendar with workouts scheduled

October 7 – Favorite fitness app

October 8 – Healthy breakfast

October 9 – 25 push-ups

October 10 – Fitness quote that inspires you

October 11 – Favorite nut/seed

October 12 – Where you workout

October 13 – Stretching

October 14 – Motivation for working out

October 15 – Healthy snack

October 16 – Favorite fitness icon/inspiration

October 17 – Flex

October 18 – Favorite cookbook/recipe website

October 19 – Plyometrics

October 20 – Favorite fitness tip

October 21 – Healthy lunch

October 22 – Extra movement in your day

October 23 – Fitness goal

October 24 – Fruit

October 25 – Making fitness fun

October 26 – Favorite muscle group

October 27 – Wall-Sit

October 28 – Favorite health-related book

October 29 – Run/Jog/Walk

October 30 – Favorite green veggie

October 31 – Plank

Let’s be fit this Holiday season!

❤ Tiff


2 thoughts on “ROCKTOBER Fit Challenge

  1. themorningmug says:

    I’m excited for the Holiday season. It used to scare me because I just KNEW that I would gain some unwanted “cookie/brownie/goodie” pounds. This season is different, I feel empowered to make good choices for the first time!

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