Sometimes You Have To Slow Down

Yesterday, poor Madi had to stay home from school due to having a fever and a really nasty cough. Normally, I don’t fret over coughs (unless they are really bad) or fevers, but because the school will send the kids home if they have a fever, then I thought it best to keep her with me to take it easy and rest.

That is not so easy for my social butterfly.

She absolutely loves school. She loves her friends. She loves her teacher. She loves math and reading and learning.  So to keep her at home from all of that was torture for her.

She would very much prefer to be out of the house and on the go.

Isn’t that like some of us as adults?

We focus so much on the going, doing, getting done part of life that we often forget to just slow down. Relax. Take a break.


Rest often has the reputation of being lazy.  The bible talks about a little folding of the hands, a little slumber and poverty comes on us like a thief in the night.

But that verse is not speaking about occasional rest. Sabbath rest. Healthy rest.

God chose to rest on the seventh day after He managed to create this magnificent creation we call earth, our temporary home.

No that passage above talks about those who choose laziness as their calling. They refuse to do anything of work, energy or toil. So due to their inactivity, poverty or other problems come upon them.

Rest is so good for us.  It rejuvenates, revives and replenishes. As a mom to two very active children, a handsome husband, a busy household, a thriving business, ministry and needs of loved ones….rest is something I need to look forward to. Not dread.

I need to be okay with just closing my eyes, reading my book or even my bible, praying or even taking a short nap just so I can regain some strength that I know I will need in order to complete all that is asked of me. So that I can give my best.

What about you? Do you take the time to rest?



4 thoughts on “Sometimes You Have To Slow Down

  1. Missy says:

    If I am not feeling well I definitely take the time to rest because as I get older I find it takes longer recover but little ones I am sure go stir crazy! Hope she gets to feeling better!

  2. Jessica@SweatIsMySanity says:

    Yes, it’s so hard for people these days to just be. I’m sure modern technology has a lot to do with it. We want everything right now…and fill our time with SO much ‘extra’ stuff we too often fail to just rest and be still. I guess that’s what I love about Sunday’s. We don’t shop, work or anything like that on Sunday’s so we’re kind of forced to take a break and rest up for the coming week. Great reminder. 🙂

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