Ultimate Reset Week 1 Recap

How are you all doing out there?

This week has been a little hectic, not because of things we have been doing….but due to illness. Booo! Sean was sick Sunday and Monday, I felt horrible on Wednesday and poor Madi had to come home from school today. Be sure to take in your Vitamin C, Shakeology or whatever else you do to stay well because sick season is now here and it is a killer!


Dan and I just finished week 1 of the Ultimate Reset on Monday and we are well into week 2.

So how are we feeling? I am trying to get a video up of both of us but illness has kept us from doing so. Soon! But Dan has expressed many times that he is feeling much leaner, lighter and that the food “isn’t too bad”. The whole Vegan part of nutrition has been hard for him, but I have to say I am impressed with how well he has done. Very little to no complaining. He hasn’t stepped on a scale yet, but I can tell he has shed a few pounds. He is looking hotter than ever!

For me, aside from getting sick, my body feels great. I did step on the scale and I have lost 5 pounds. I don’t think I will lose much more than that honestly. I was already in maintenance before the reset so I think that is mostly due to eliminating meat and dairy.

I have to admit that the preparation is a struggle. While I enjoy cooking, the meals in the program are not quick 30 minute meals. Definitely a lot more prep and thought goes into this. So I have had to be even more mindful of my time and food prep. The recipes have been for the most part decent. There are a few I might swing into a regular rotation after this.

So that is what has been happening so far! Excited to recap week 2 for you soon.

So answer me this, would the reset be something you would want to try? Why or why not?



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