For the Love of Pumpkins and Family

Today we decided to head out to Cal Poly Pomona and hit up the Pumpkin Festival.

Cal Poly holds this festival only one weekend a year in October and it was completely packed with families who were looking to experience the Farmer’s Market, the lush array of pumpkins as well as take the opportunity to whip out their cameras and take some photos of their beautiful kids.

And of course, pick out the perfect pumpkin. Or several perfect pumpkins!

How sweet is my boy!!! I love him!
My Dad and my brother, Jason, brought their cameras along and grabbed some photos of the kids running around the patch. Madison also couldn’t resist the opportunity to pose.  When my Dad sends me photos, you’ll see.

She is such a ham. I can’t imagine where she got that from.  😉

We picked out two pumpkins for the kids.  Sean, who got his indecisiveness from me *ahem* couldn’t decide on what pumpkin  he wanted. So Dan made the choice for him. Ha!

We only spent about a couple of hours there because I had a horrible cold and I could feel the pressure all around my sinuses. Lovely huh? But we had a good time and Dan let me have a nap afterwards.

What did you all do with your Saturday?



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