Life Always Gets In The Way

Doesn’t it?

I got sick with a nasty cold this weekend that kept me from cooking and giving it my all to the Ultimate Reset.

But life happens.

I had every intention of getting the kids ready and out of the house on time for school while Dan was away for work, but Sean decided to wake up really early and paint his toenails with his sister’s nail polish.

But life happens. I still managed to get Madi to school on time.

I was so excited to attend women’s bible study and fellowship and enjoy the me time with incredible women and  God’s word. But poor Madi got sick at school and had to be picked up just before we headed over to the church.

Life happens.

Life is always going to happen.

And honestly, we should expect it to. Because if it stopped happening. Stopped weaving its way through the day, the weeks and even years, where would we be?

How would we grow? How would we challenge ourselves to adapt to the challenges we face? How do we become better people, better versions of ourselves if we don’t look at those situations in they eye and say “you threw  me off a bit, but that still won’t stop me.”

I hear so often from others that they have such good intentions when they begin a new adventure. Whether it be in working out, a nutritional plan, school, ministry idea, spending time in their Bible….the excuse is always the same.

Life gets in the way.

We need to be able to learn how to navigate through it.

There are always going to be days when we get sick,  tired, the kids go crazy, the husband comes home late, the car breaks down, there is nothing for dinner, no money in the bank.

I could go on and on.

But. Don’t. Let. That. Stop. You.

Yes, it will set you back a bit, but keep going!  Get creative and figure out another way to get what you want accomplished…accomplished!

Tell me. Do you have a tendency to let life’s interruptions keep you from moving forward?



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