Football at Age 34

On Saturday, my husband headed out of the house to go play football with the guys from our church, Knott Avenue.

Mind you, my husband has not really played since he was in his early 20’s.  It has been awhile and although he has been working out and eating better, he was still nervous.

Who cares if it was Flag Football. He probably had to compete against guys who were younger than him.

But he went out and did it anyway.  He wasn’t able to play the whole time as he had to leave early but I am so proud of him for going and playing!  That is my kind of guy. Plus, I always wanted to marry a stud athlete. I totally got one right? ;).

Regardless of your age, you can do anything. You might have to start slow at first, but you can accomplish anything.
How is that for Motivation Monday?

❤ Tiff


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