My Gym Love

A couple of weeks ago, after finding Sean hanging upside down our counter tops (don’t ask how, I have no idea) I signed Sean up for classes at our local My Gym.

Sean is incredibly busy and I was desperate to get him active in something that would not only have him interact with other kids and teachers, but teach him physical activity skills that will help him when he begins playing on sports team in a couple of years.

*Yes, he will be playing sports. The boy and his dad live for football and baseball. It is in their blood.*

So far, I have been extremely impressed. I know it is helping Sean and he is having a great time.



If you are looking for something to enroll your child in while they are young, I highly recommend My Gym.  You can have your child participate in a free class to see how they like it and you can observe and ask questions. The teachers have been great with him, especially since he has not been to many classes in the past. Perfect for busy kids and for moms/dads too.

What have you enrolled your children in to keep them busy?



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