Shebrews 2012


On Friday I headed over with my Mom to the annual Shebrews Christmas event at my church.

The ladies who put this event together do such an incredible job. There was a coffee station (yay!!), cupcakes galore, raffle prizes, entertainment by the always funny Dawn Hammontre. It was just incredible and I am so glad my mom went with me. Next year, all the Rush and Harper ladies are coming with me!


Did I mention there were cupcakes? They were Ah-Mazing. And yes. I devoured one. Pshah. I like to enjoy one once in awhile!

During the event I was asked to share my story (in 3 minutes) of what my life was like before Christ and how it has changed since then. Honestly, telling people how I met Him is my favorite. I love telling folks that I tried doing it on my own for so long until He came along. That in my insecurity and doubt. Fearing that the girl I was back then was so unloveable…and God shattered that lie. I am so thankful. My life is not perfect, but it is wonderful.

Thank you Phyllis and Dawn and April and everyone else for allowing me a moment to share my heart. You gals did an incredible job once again.

Definitely will be hitting up Shebrews again. And those cupcakes. *wink*



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