The After Christmas effect

Getting back into the regular routine after Christmas blew through so quickly has been challenging.

But I am okay with it. Sleeping in a little longer, relaxing with my littles and playing with them as they enjoy their new gifts. Polishing off leftovers and loving the idea that I haven’t cooked in practically 4 days.
Spending time with family and even braving the mall the day after Christmas. Ha!



I haven’t been stressing out about workouts or getting up early in order to avoid the morning chaos that often happens during the school year.



I see a lot of posts in the fitness community about finishing strong. And I agree. But I am also going to close out this year by just loving my family. Loving myself. Take in a few more, deep, meaningful breaths as I gaze at our lit up Christmas tree before it goes back into storage for the next year. (Yes we do fake trees.)

I hope your Christmas was magical, special, full of love, fun, food and laughter. I pray that you were filled to the brim as I was this year.

I can’t wait until 2013.



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