Be Intentional Friday


It is finally the first week of Be Intentional Friday and I am super excited to see how this year and this series transforms us.

And especially me.

This week, with ringing in the new year, I really wanted to spend special attention to the relationships in my life. My husband. My children. Friends. I find so often that a whole week can go by without really spending one on one time with those I love. Sure, I am in the house with them. Sure I talk to them and maybe do a couple of fun things…but honestly, how much of it is really intentional.

How many of those times are spent truly creating memories to cherish instead of doing it so I can go back to “me time.” How many of those moments are hurried because I have a gazillion million other things on my to do list.

I scheduled a lunch date for Monday with a girlfriend that I adore but don’t get to see very often. So refreshing to spend time with this woman of God and hear how things are going in her love. Plus, we had Thai food. Umm heck yeah!

Last night, Dan took Madi out on a date to see Disney’s Tangled “Dare To Dream” Princesses on Ice.



Dan said he was the only guy there. LOL! But he loved watching his little girl light up as she gazed at Rapunzel and Flynn ice skating across the stage singing her favorite songs from Tangled.  Dan even admitted to getting a big emotional as Madi sang along.  That is the point.  To be actively engaged in this life.

Give every moment, even the ones we think are unimportant, mundane, boring, purposeless. Give them purpose.

Give playtime purpose.  Movie night with our littles purpose.  Slow down and enjoy the moments that God gives us.

Oh, how I desire to be intentional with my time.

How did you do this week?  What did you focus on?

Have a fantastic weekend!



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