It Is All In Your Presentation

Yesterday, my Mother in Love invited me to hear a relatively well know organization expert at a small presentation close to home.

Seeing that I have been trying to be intentional on how I care for my home and to make it a place that reflects peace, care, love..I agreed to go. I had a lot to learn about organizing and I could use all the help I could get!

Let me first say this. She was very good.  She knew her stuff. She had books that she had written for sale and she answered our questions confidently and was able to help those of us who had trouble spots in our home and had no idea how to get started in organizing them!

She was very good!

In fact, you should check her out.

Now for some of us youngins..we might immediately think the following thoughts when we check out her site:

*That site is nothing special

*It doesn’t visually grab my interest

*It is rather plain

*She is kind of outdated

I will admit to you all that I was the youngest gal in the room. And I will also tell you that she used an old school slide projector for her visual presentation.

Yes. Slides. From the 80’s. It was awesome! Totally remembered my Dad using one of those when we were kids to show off family photos.

She used something that so many of us, and I am talking specifically to those of us in this generation, would consider uncool, unglamorous, uninspiring. I know that a lot of gals my age tend to be more focused on the bling than on the content. Myself included.

But her presentation. Her message. She gave me information that opened my eyes to how I could truly have an organized home and feel peace. She had no fluff about her.  She was an expert in this field and she was sharing with me knowledge that she had studied and perfected over the years in her own home.

She was engaging. She was humorous and witty. I loved every second of her presentation. I was captivated by her very words and I learned from her because I was not distracted by “ritzy” or “pretty” or “blingy”.

Which brings me to my point.

As a couple in ministry, Dan and I see a lot of fluff.  A lot of churches that create fantastic, theatrical series in order to draw people in. But when the speaker gets on stage. It is all fluff. A lot of show and not a whole lot of Gospel.

In my career, I see a lot of fluff in the fitness industry. A whole lot of fancy creams, powders, miracle drugs to make anyone look like a Kardashian. Heck, you may even get cars too! But the reality is after the fluff… are still the same person, with the same issue, trying to find happiness in the idea of being “skinny.”

Now, let me clarify. I love churches who are creative. There is nothing wrong with having incredible lights, music, theater that will draw someone’s attention.  But your content better point to Jesus. And only Jesus.  Not to how cool your youth ministry is. Or if your Pastor can do back flips on stage before he preaches (quick, name that movie!).

And I am not against any company who wants to compensate their folks with cars. I wouldn’t mind having one!

Our words matter.  The reason I was so impressed with the speaker last night was because she provided me with the information I truly needed to hear. She helped me see areas that needed fixing in our home and in my overall attitude towards organization.

When we invite folks into our churches, a place many of us call a home, we want them to love it not because we had an AMAZING worship band. But because they were pointed in the direction of Jesus and they finally understood why they need Him in the first place.  A church’s job is to heal spiritually sick people and equip those who are healed in turn to share the good news.  Jesus didn’t come with fluff in order to present that the Kingdom was at hand.

He only had Himself whom God had sent forth to earth.

May we trust in the Holy Spirit and do the same when we share with others.



2 thoughts on “It Is All In Your Presentation

  1. Missy says:

    I couldn’t agree more! I have recently began my journey of reaffirming my faith and getting to know Jesus & the Bible again. My life has changed so much over the last month or so and I am so excited for my journey! I started attending church with my mom and there is not alot of fluff at her church, there is no choir, no band, just an amazing message that is given in the sermon and during the first time I was there I realized exactly what was missing from my life and now I can’t wait to see what my future holds!

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