Be Intentional Friday

Happy Friday friends! I pray that you have had a blessed week.  That you have spent some time truly focusing on the things that matter to you.

This week:

*I really made it a point to read my bible in the morning and spend time with Jesus.  So refreshing and I love how He fills my soul when I feel empty.

*Had dinner and great conversation with my MIL.  I am blessed that we have such a good relationship that it isn’t a weird thing to go out together and chat.  Thankful for this because I have heard so many horrific tales about women who dislike their spouses mother.  So sad to me.

*Called up my Mom to wish her a Happy Birthday!  She is 25 again ;).  Love my mom so much.

*Took Sean to the park a lot.  I really want him to get outside more and play and burn off all of that energy he has. And My Gym started back up again so he is super excited about this!

My Gym

Reading with our kids. Both for fun and for education.  Sean and Madi always get the best books from Dan’s Uncle Bob.  They are educators and they send them award winning stories for them to have in their library. So we have made it a regular routine in our home to read.  We also make it a point to read the Bible together, pray and memorize His Word in our heart.

Yesterday, Dan and I watched an incredible sermon by Charles Stanley.  The Sermon Title is: The Road to Life At It’s Best.

I know not everyone who reads my blog is a Christian or even shares the same values that I do, but I pray that you will listen and be blessed. I most certainly was.

Be Intentional my friends! So thankful for every single one of you.



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