Be Intentional Friday

I forgot to blog last week.


It was crazy!  And honestly, my brain just doesn’t work that well to tell you all about what happened because my two beautiful children whom I love with everything I am have stolen most of my brain cells.

Sorry about that.

This week, my patience has been mighty thin.  And of course, naturally when it is running thin, it is often tested.  *sigh*

But everything turned out okay because Madi took her first step towards being an athlete:


Her daddy is one of her coaches on her team. She is so excited.  She even has a pink glove.  Shocker right?


We are so excited for her.  We want her to be able to be comfortable in her own skin and not be afraid to try new things.  Who knows? Maybe this pink loving, stuffed animal collecting, princess will love playing softball. Will be love being an athlete.

Dan and I are confident she will do great. We have already told her that she must complete the season and then at the end we can all sit down and see if this is something she would want to continue.

I played softball growing up and I loved every minute of it. Sure, there were days I wanted to hang with my friends than go to practice. But I loved the friends I made on the team. I loved how it taught me to be a team player. To work together to achieve a common goal.

Don’t worry. I asked Madison first if she really wanted to play softball. I would have just as happily signed her up for dance or cheerleading.  Whatever she wants to excel and use her gifts in, I am all for!

Have a great Friday friends!



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