Princesses Try New Things

The word “Princess” gets a bad rap.

It is often associated with weak, prissy, girly, pink (nothing wrong with that color by the way. It is a favorite!), tea parties, Disney, nothing to do with athletic, dependent on others to “save” them.


But I take joy in the fact that I am a daughter of the King. A true Princess. And that He made me strong, capable, creative, smart and mobile so that I can do great things for His Kingdom!

As well as enjoy this beautiful earth He has so graciously given us to live in!


Madi loves the new show on Disney “Sofia the First.” She is an adorable little rags to riches princess who isn’t afraid to be herself and try new things.

Even if one of those new things include attempting to make the Royal Jockey Team!  Of course naturally, everyone tells her only Princes can do it, but this determined little gal proves them all wrong with a  little patience, practice and perseverance.

My little princess?

Christmas Madi

She is embarking on her first athletic adventure.

Softball. I played for years before getting more into musical theater, but it was something I enjoyed so much and I can’t wait to work alongside her and teach her to love trying new things.

Even if they seem scary. Even if she isn’t sure she can play.  Who knows what may happen with a little patience, practice and perseverance?

softball gear

Of course, we got her pink softball gear. Hello!  Perfect for Madison! Oh….and she got a Jennie Finch softball bat. JEALOUS! Love Jennie Finch!

But she isn’t the only Princess who is trying new things.

With my favorite verse in mind…. I tried this:


Don’t be afraid to try something new. With a little patience, practice and perseverance…imagine what you can do!

Philippians 4:13

So tell me, what is one new thing you are going to try today?



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