Being on a Diet vs Having a Diet



I see it all the time.

A new “diet” nutrition fad, craze, plan comes along and people swear that it is the answer to all of their nutrition woes. That this will help them lose the weight that has been hanging on for so many years.
Friends, may I share with you honestly what the truth is?

I had shared my thoughts before about all of the different diets, what they mean and how to choose what works for you. In my own journey, I didn’t really follow one plan. I didn’t go Vegan or Paleo or Sugar Busters, although all of those have really great points and can help one adopt a better idea of nutrition.

But I simply took one’s simple advice to incorporate more veggies and fruits into my daily life. Lean proteins, more water, eliminate processed and pay attention to your starch intake. It became a part of my regular diet. I wasn’t on a diet.

Does that make sense?

Diets often bring about the idea of restriction. You are not allowed to eat A, B or C but can only eat D, E and F. The rules can be hard to follow and cause us to feel discouraged when we fail to follow those said rules.

But when I make my nutrition choices part of my lifestyle, I no longer feel like I am chained to rules.

I just make a better choice. Instead of eating a turkey sandwich with whole wheat bread, I will decide to do a turkey lettuce wrap or salad of I feel like I have reached my starch max. Keep veggie favorites in my fridge so I am not forced to choose something unhealthy.

These have become daily habits that I have worked on for 2 years. They didn’t happen overnight and I will be honest, sometimes a girl scout cookie sounds good! If I really, really want one, I will have one. And I haven’t broken any rules.
So don’t fret over the different diets out there. Focus on adding good food to your life daily and over time you will figure it out.

Not sure where to start? I would love to help you in any way I can!



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