Molly’s Suds-Greening Up Your Laundry

I recently found Molly’s Suds through one of my favorite blogs and I was dying to try out their product to see if this was something that I could include for daily laundry use.

Workout clothes, sports gear and unmentionables need special care so I spoke with Monica (owner of Molly’s Suds) and she graciously sent me a sample of the ALL SPORT liquid detergent along with dryer balls.

Mollys suds

I did a happy dance when I received the box. Immediately opened the cap and smelled the detergent.

Heaven. No chemicals. It smelled like Orange. From using sweet orange essential oil.

Certified Vegan. Biodegradable. No SLS/SLES or Phosphates.

And it CLEANS!!!

The most common question people ask when they try out green products is whether or not it will do as good of a job as traditional cleaning products.

They absolutely do. And I think they work better.  You don’t have to worry so much about your child getting an allergic reaction to an ingredient in certain detergents.  For those with sensitive skin, and my daughter is one of them, Molly’s Suds didn’t irritate her when I washed her Softball uniform.  The clothes maintained their color.  It didn’t leave any residue or stains behind.

Even though this was an ALL SPORT formula, I even tested out Sean’s Cloth diapers in the wash. Again, clean and odor free.

For drying,  I put some Lavender Essential Oil on the 100% wool dryer balls, tossed them in with my laundry to dry and dry clothes emerged and eliminated a lot of that annoying static that can result.  I hate static. Mostly because I hate getting shocked. Dryer balls are an excellent replacement for those dryer sheets which are toxic.  Plus, dryer sheets are not reusable and create waste. You can reuse dryer balls

I LOVE Molly’s Suds!!  Here is what they offer:

Laundry Powder

All Sport Liquid detergent

Dog Shampoo (perfect for all you dog lovers out there!)

100% Wool Dryer balls (get rid of the toxic dryer sheets. You don’t need them.)

And a surprise for my readers!  When you order from Molly’s Suds, use coupon Code HARPER15 at checkout & you will get 15% off your entire order!

So what do you have to lose?  NOTHING! Go check them out on Facebook as well and be sure to tell them Tiffany  Harper Online sent you!

Are you trying to Green up your life? What products in your home have you currently replaced with healthier options?





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