Be Intentional Friday

Healthy Confidence.

That was the point my friend Jeniece Harris drove home to us yesterday at Women’s Bible Study.  And truth be told it is one I try to convey to my family, friends and customers as they look towards becoming healthier individuals.

jeniece harris

She first shared what I believe is the most important thing for all of us to remember:

ONLY true confidence can be found in the Lord.

This is so true.  I was amen-ing this point because if you don’t know or understand this, then regardless of your pant size or weight loss goal, you will never have true confidence.  You want God-confidence.

She also told us to know our priorities and fight for them. She had us write out ours and here are the ones that I have written down:

1. My relationship with God

2. My marriage

3. My children

4. Friends and Family

5. Our Ministry to Illuminate and the Local Church

6. My health and fitness

7. My business/Leadership coaching

These things are so important to me. And now that I have these things written down, it is easy for me to see that when I am doing these things in my day, then I am doing something worthwhile.

Of course, she also talked about body confidence.  I share a lot about this often on my blog, but she took an extra step to encourage those of us just beginning our journey towards a healthy body. She gave 14 Baby steps that you can take so that those small steps equal big change.  I promise, utilize these and you will see results in your overall health.

14 Baby Steps:

1. 8 hours of sleep. Moms, I know this one is hard. Especially if you have newborns. Hang in there! 

2. Increase water intake. At least half your body weight in ounces. But try to drink one more glass than you currently do right now.

3. Talk positively about your body all day. (If you have daughters or small children, please do this. What they hear you say about yourself will teach them to say those things to themselves as well.)

4. Take the stairs. Great for the booty! 😉

5. Park far away from your destination. (Ever notice those who wait for a parking spot close to the gym?  Just get in a little extra mileage!)

6. Do 10 Jumping Jacks first thing in the morning

7. Stretch for 15 minutes everyday (LOVE This! And your body will thank you!)

8. Eat a spinach salad. A delicious bowl packed full of nutrients.

9. Running/walking

10. Challenge yourself to something new. Don’t be afraid to try a new class, join a challenge group, or pop in a new workout dvd.

11. Know what you eat too much of and keep it out of the house!

12. Find a workout buddy. One who is slightly more motivated than you!

13. Sign up for a race/walk. Check out as there are tons of races happening locally throughout the year.

14. Keep healthy ingredients in your fridge.  If you have them available, then you will eat them. 

Aren’t those great? Be sure to check out Jeniece’s blog and say hello. Oh and ooh and awe over her adorable daughter. Seriously the cutest thing I have ever seen.

Thank you Jeniece for sharing your heart and wisdom with all of us yesterday.

Have a fabulous Friday friends!




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