Getting Your Kids to Love God’s Word

Let me be honest and admit that sometimes, it is hard to get our kids to do the things we want them to do.

Like eat veggies. Especially if it is a relatively new habit for you. Hard. Lots of tears.

Going to bed at a decent hour. Enough said.

In our house, Dan and I realize the importance of teaching our kids about Jesus, about God’s word and to know it well so that they can apply it to their lives in whatever situation they may face at whatever age. It isn’t easy, but it is definitely something we have chosen to be very intentional about, especially now that our kids are getting older.

We can’t expect our youth pastors to do the work for us. They are a great help, but they will be the first to tell you that the responsibility is on you…the parent!

Here are a couple of things Dan and I do regularly with our children.

1. Bedtime is always bible study time. Dan loves reading the bible to Madison and Sean. We have done this since they were babies and they are more knowledgeable about certain stories than adults.  That is fruit that we are seeing because of obedience….not because we are good bible study teachers.

2.  My Place With Jesus.  A friend recently showed me this website on Facebook and I jumped on to check it out. It is a great interactive activity kids can use on the computer with your permission and they are taught stories and take a quiz to see how well they paid attention.  Madi and Sean ask to do this every day.

3. The Dig For Kids.  This site I jus discovered today thanks to The Good Morning Girls study I started today.  Since I will be going through the book of Luke, this site has 2 e-books that can have your children go through Luke with you.  I love this so much and am seriously considering asking Dan if I can grab them. They also come in paperback if you prefer holding a book.

4. Go through the S.O.A.P process with your children with the verses they bring home from Sunday school. My kids get bible verses every week. So instead of just asking them what they learned, look at the scripture cards they received, open your Bible together and do S.O.A.P. (Scripture, Observation, Application, Prayer). I promise you will all learn a lot more when you discover His word together and discuss how you can apply His word to your family.

Those are just a few small ways you can teach your kids and get involved.

How do you teach your kids His word?  Would love to hear!



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