Will Exercise Affect Nursing Moms?

Many moms have this question and it really is a good one. The myth out there is that if you exercise hard, your milk supply will be affected.

But know that this myth is just that…..a myth.

Exercise post partum has so many benefits for you and for your baby. The important thing to do when you are nursing and exercising is to watch your baby and pay close attention to your nutrition and get enough calories in to keep milk supply flowing. Also, stay HYDRATED!  Lots of WATER!

According to this article from Livestrong, here are a few benefits that you should really think about if you are on the fence about working out right now as a new mom:

1. Help you lose pregnancy weight. This is a no brainer ;).

2. Women who get regular exercise are less likely to suffer from post partum depression. We all know there are a few cases where medical intervention is needed, but for most of us who get a little blue after birthing our babies exercise and a healthy nutritious diet will help reduce the risk dramatically.

Feel free to check out the article and then get moving! Your body and baby will thank you!



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