Forgive Me But I have a Slight Pet Peeve

Being in ministry with my husband, you see and hear a lot of crazy things.

You get criticized for a lot of different topics:

*People think the music is too loud.

*That you have instruments used during worship (seriously)

*You have a youth group

*You don’t have a youth group

*You don’t go deep enough into the Word

*You are too serious in the Word and not topical enough

*The church is too big (seeker friendly)

*The church isn’t big/cool enough

I honestly could go on and on.  But I won’t.  But today, I have to get something off my chest after I read some pretty disturbing comments on facebook.

On Sunday we are having an incredible guest speaker named Annie Loebert whose story is incredible.  I want you all to hear it so if you are local, you need to come out to Illuminate and hear her. A former prostitute has discovered just how much God loves her and is now reaching out to other prostitutes to offer them the grace and compassion God offered her. Read more about her ministry here.

What has disappointed me today though is that people feel the need to criticize the name of her organization.  These Christians feel the need to offer input on her creativity (or lack thereof according to them).  How the name of her organization is insulting, not clever and not helpful.

Excuse me.

Of all the things we can comment on, THAT is what you choose to comment about? Honestly.  I realize that this calls people out but honestly, I think more Christians need to look Christians in the eye who complain about non kingdom issues and tell them to be quiet.

I have often found that those who criticize the church the most are those within the church walls. Those who pride themselves on being believers in the kingdom but DO NOTHING to serve and minister within the kingdom.

They just like to talk. A lot.

But is picking on the name of an organization really going to further the cause of Jesus Christ? And even if the name isn’t the best (according to you), the ministry isn’t for you!

It’s not about YOU!

I love ministry. I am thankful that God has allowed me to minister to His children, even with a past like mine.  But that is the beauty of God giving His children second, third and even fourth chances.  We get to tell everyone we know about what He has done for us. He cares less about the naming of churches and organizations and more about whether or not we are willing vessels to be used for His service.

It is something I see within the church that really makes me so upset that I have to bite my tongue and walk away.  I hate the bickering over things that are so trivial.  So please.

Just Stop.



4 thoughts on “Forgive Me But I have a Slight Pet Peeve

  1. Kelly Brandt says:

    Sadly, Tiff, people in the church (their talk) ruin many things by the things they “say”. We are ALL sinners and fall short, but that does not give us an excuse to “think” our opinions and thoughts need to be “heard” all the time. Sadly, people like their voices “too much”. We all need to learn to listen, watch, and learn…….beauty would come out of that. I too fall short, but we sometimes need fellow friends and family that are believers to lovingly tell us “be quiet”. =) I love that you are SO honest…..keep it up.

  2. southerngirlinarizona says:

    ya know if she’s spreading the Word and really reaching people for Jesus who cares about the name! God has changed her and gave her a calling, and maybe, just maybe using the title that she uses gets more attention and more people to ask about Jesus than something else. Good gracious people get over it! She’s going to be in heaven with us, better get used to it now! (stepping down off my soapbox)!

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