I’m In It To End It

end it movement

When people hear of sex trafficking or any type of slavery, we mostly think it happens just in third world countries. That it can’t possibly happen here in the States.

Guess what. You would be wrong. Dead wrong.

In fact, as many as 17,500 people are trafficked in the United States annually. That is about 48 people a day. A DAY!

And let’s not forget that there are nearly 27 million slaves worldwide.

This can’t just end in our lifetime. This must end FOREVER.

Will you join me?

Mark a red x on your hand, but don’t just stop there. Let’s do something together.  While these x’s will create a conversation and shine a light, we must create action steps to stop this for good.

So join us. If you are on Instagram or twitter, use the hashtag #enditmovement.

To learn more about trafficking and get more stats and how you can get involved, you can check out www.thea21campaign.org or http://enditmovement.com.

We must put a stop to it.


2 thoughts on “I’m In It To End It

  1. Missy says:

    I’m in it! I am actually running a 5k in a couple of weeks that supports stopping sex trafficking. I can’t believe the statistics of how many people/women/children are trafficked in and out of the country every day. It’s astounding!

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