Food for Thought: Garlic



It is one of those ingredients in recipes that we don’t really think much of, but we always seem to have some on hand.  There are those of us who LOVE it, and there are those of us who HATE it. I happen to love it.

I buy a whole bunch and seem to use that same bunch too quickly.  It adds so much flavor and the scent while cooking can be intoxicating.  It makes me do a happy dance!

But did you know that there are many nutritional and medicinal benefits to garlic?

It is true!

Here is why I love it so much:

* It helps your body detox by strengthening your liver.

* It is good for your heart! It has the ability to keep cholesterol levels within healthy zones.

* It helps you relax. With its compounds that help your muscles relax and body to wind down.

* Boost your immune system! Contains a great source of anti-oxidants, selenium, manganese and Vitamin B6.

* Makes everything taste amazing. Absolutely 100% true!

There are so many fabulous ways to make Garlic work for you.  I use it to make dressing, soups, entrees, sauces, marinades etc.

You can check out how I made Creamy Garlic Dressing  here.

What is your favorite recipe that contains garlic?



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