Ready To Change or Not

willpower or not

There are a lot of reasons why we can choose not to do something.

Especially when that something means we have to change our habits and way of thinking.

*I don’t have enough money to start

*I have no energy because of A, B & C.

*I don’t have any time

*I have young children who keep me busy

*Eating healthy is expensive (so are doctor visits and medicine….just saying)

*I don’t have the willpower

*I don’t believe that (name workout program/product here) works

*I am so sore the next day I can’t do anything (what did you expect from working out?)

*I am too tired

*I can’t get up early

*I don’t like schedules

*I don’t like cooking/I’m not a good cook

People!  I say this with all the love in my heart.  Stop the insanity and just call it what it is. You just don’t want to change.  Period.  You ask for advice. You talk to people who are working out. You want the results. You want to be a part of groups and get motivation. But that motivation won’t do anything for you unless you get off your cute behind and do something about it!

If you think that changing your habits/thoughts/lifestyle doesn’t come with a cost…you are fooling yourself. I am not necessarily talking just about money either (although that does for some reason keep a person from moving forward! And those same people will buy a brand new smartphone, concert tickets etc.).  It will cost you time. You may have to wake up before everyone else in order to squeeze in that workout. You will have to say NO to things you used to do before.  You may have to spend a little more in groceries so that you can make sure you have healthy food options in your house.  You may have to *gasp* cook more!

Listen, I get it. Change is uncomfortable.  I thought so too. All those excuses I typed above?  I made them. Pretty much all of them.  So forgive me if you have talked to me and I have called you out on your excuses. It is just because I believe you can push them aside and do work.  I believe you are capable of changing. But I can’t make you. You have to want to.

You have to decide to really want to change and not let the excuses hold you back.  You hold yourself back. And that’s the truth.

Decide today to do something about it.  If you don’t like how you feel, if you want more energy, if you want to be healthier for your family…..then let’s do this!



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