Gift Ideas for Fit Moms

Mother’s Day is coming up (May 12th to be exact) and I am sure many of you are thinking what you should get your Mom to show her how much you appreciate all her hard work and love.

Especially if you are a grown adult and realize just a what a pain in the patooty you really were as a kid. Maybe that’s just me.

Anyway, I thought I would share a few gift ideas that I think would be awesome for that woman in your life!

1. New workout clothes: Let me tell you, I geek out over new workout clothes. Probably a little more than regular clothes. Okay maybe not, but I love shopping and I get so excited to see new shiny things in my closet that help me look  and feel my best.  Plus, for those of us who could use a little motivation, new workout clothes actually help motivate us to get our sweat on.  (If you haven’t tried this little trick, do it! It works!) Stuck on where to shop?  You can check out places like Lululemon, Nike and Ellie if you have extra cash to spend or check out Target, Marshall’s, TJMaxx, and Old Navy! Great options even if you are on a budget.

2. A Deep Tissue/Sports Massage: We work our bodies really hard, so it is okay to take care of it and relieve those tight, aching muscles.  Plus, you mother deserves it whether she works out or not.  On our rest days, we usually bust out the foam roller (which if she doesn’t have one would be a great gift as well!) or do a yoga/pilates routine so a nice indulgence will definitely hit the spot.  Help her take care of that temple!

3. Subscription to Her Favorite Fitness/Health Magazine: I love reading on my quiet time and I know many other women who do too.  If she has ever uttered the words “I love this magazine” and you know she doesn’t have a subscription…..grab her one!  They are a relatively inexpensive gift that keeps on giving all year long.  I personally love Oxygen Magazine, Women’s Running magazine & Clean Eating Magazine to stay up to date on all my health and fitness news.

4. Heart Rate Monitor: This is something that is a definite tool.  Yes, you can probably pull up an app of some sort on your phone, but honestly I don’t think it will be as accurate as having one that is on your body.  I am personally wishing for the Polar Ft4 (in Pink!) but there are other really good ones from Nike, Bodybugg, and FitBit

5. A New Fitness Program:  I have a confession to make. I have fitness ADD. Which basically means that I need to change up my fitness routine. A lot.  If you have a fit mom in your life, she probably has to do the same thing. And that is a good thing! It means she is interested in making her body as strong as possible and willing to challenge herself.  A great way to change it up is to have a great fitness program on hand at home.  So even if she works out at the gym, having a few workouts that will give her the results she is looking for at home when she can’t get there is a must.  Not sure what she would like? Talk to me!  We can figure out the best program for her that she will love (and use!) or grab a e-card so she can pick out a new program for herself.

Hope these ideas help you pick the perfect gift for the Fit mom in your life.

Do you have any favorite fit gifts to share?




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