Stitchfix Review #4

I am so excited that I got my latest fix in from Stitchfix. If you are unfamiliar with the company, basically they pick out 5 items for you for a styling fee of $20.00. They ship it out to your home, you get to try them on. Purchase what you love and then send whatever you don’t right back in a prepaid envelope. Also, the $20 styling fee is used as credit for your purchase and if you love your entire fix and buy it all, you get a 25% discount off your entire order. SWEET!

I love shopping from home so here is my latest fix.


#1. Curved Wire Bracelet in Gold; By Boe $58.00
This bracelet was so beautiful. But truth be told. Nothing beautiful lasts in my house because my daughter steals my jewelry and breaks it at the same time. Loved it but no way Jose.

#2. Dellora Button Up Zig Zag Blouse; Papermoon $58.00

Loved this top!!! The material felt fabulous and it is so me. Dan said it was definitely something he could see me wearing for date night or for church.

#3. Rizzo Skinny Ponte Pants; Sanctuary $88.00
These pants were so cute and they were stretchy. I liked them a lot!

#4. Conor Cotton Eyelet Detail Top; Olive and Oak $68.00
So cute! I could see myself wearing this on a playdate with cute cuffed skinnies and flats. Definitely me!

#5. Leeann Reversible Tank Dress; Nally & Millie $88.00
Reversible!! Here is the other side:


Adorable summer dress. The shape is a bit baggier than I liked. I am small in the waist and hips so anything baggy kind of swallows me up and then it looks like I have no figure. But overall I think it is really cute. You could pair it up with a belt and booties or grab leggings and flats and it is more like a tunic.

I am in love with the pants and the zig Zag top so those may be my overall choices. I loved how they fit and overall their look on me.

If you haven’t tried Stitchfix, you absolutely should! You can go here to signup through my link. And if you have a fix review let me know! Would love to see what you got!


Disclosure: stitchfix did not pay me nor offer me clothes for this review. I chose to do this on my free will. The link above is an affiliate link and I do get credit from those who schedule a fix through the link. Happy shopping!


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