Why a Fitness Plan without Action is useless

I read this verse in my quiet time the other day and I loved it.


In the book of James, he shares that while works cannot save us (that is the gift of grace through faith), a faith without works is useless.

Meaning, you may believe, but no one can tell because your actions, behavior and attitude don’t line up with the words coming from your lips.

It made me think about those who claim they have a fitness plan, but they do nothing with it.

Whether you purchased a gym membership, joined Crossfit, or invested in a new home fitness program, here is a secret:

Action is REQUIRED.

I have had several fitness groups over the past year. Some of them I required purchasing a program. Others were free. But there was always a common theme for a couple of my challengers.

They had the tools. They had a plan. But they wouldn’t use them. There was no action in their part. So basically, their tools were useless.

I remember one of my sweet friends who, for over a year, asked me questions on health and fitness. She was frustrated because she kept giving up when it got hard. Or she got bored. Or she didn’t see results. I totally understood her frustration.

Then she wanted to purchase a new fitness program from me. And because she has filet mignon taste on a hamburger budget (like me! I can’t help it….I love shiny) she chose the most expensive program I offered.

I naturally would have understood if she had decided not to. Financially, her family had had it rough. I would not have blamed her to change her mind. And she, in turn feared she would invest all this money and then not finish.

But guess what. Finish she did. It wasn’t easy and she sometimes wanted to quit. But she finished.

Because she used her tool. Yes it cost her quite a bit. She had to get up early on some days. She paid a lot of money for it. She had to ve accountable to me. She had to work hard and pay attention to her diet.

She had a plan, but she didn’t just let it sit there. She participated.

Whether you buy the cheapest fitness program or you invest, it is the same thing.

Action is required.

How else will others know you are serious about changing your life and taking charge of your health.

There is validity to the saying “actions speak louder than words.”

If you have a plan, take the steps now to do it. If you need help, I would love to come alongside you and get you started.



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