Shakeology a Joke?


I had someone tell me this the other day. That it is a get rich scheme that preys on the lazy.

To be 100% honest, I could understand why people think this. There are hundreds of weight loss/meal replacements/protein powders on the market that promise results and good for you nutrition.

When I first became a Coach, I wanted nothing to do with Shakeology. I questioned why I would even need it since I already ate clean. I figured it to be an overpriced protein shake.

I was a food snob, arrogant and ignorant in regards to food production, nutrients and the like.

So I got an education.

If you have noticed, our grocery stores have seasonal fruits and veggies year round. In order to keep up with demand, soil is turned over rapidly so that they get a new crop right away and to market.

Meaning the soil is not given time to replenish itself naturally with nutrients. An Apple has a quarter of the nutrition it did 50 years ago. Add on the use of pesticides and other chemicals that are sprayed on produce to protect from pests and preserve… isn’t as simple as we thought.

We can buy all organic, but a lot of people refuse to do that because let’s face it. It is more expensive. But we do the best we can because we love our families, care about our bodies and try hard to give them what they need.

I hate when people call Shakeology a protein shake. Because it truly is so much more. It has so many vitamins, phyto-nutrients, superfoods, antioxidant blends, pro and pre-biotics…I mean seriously. Compare your protein shake to that!

This in now way means that we don’t eat other clean foods. Please. Anyone who tells you that you don’t need anything else but just a shake isn’t worth their salt. Run far away.
But many folks do supplement their clean nutrition by consuming daily vitamins. They want to be sure they are getting the nutrients their body CRAVES and NEEDS daily. I don’t take vitamins (except for Omega 3) because Shakeology covers it. I am not a big pill taker so this helps me. I am positive it can help you or anyone else.

My health is not a joke. My family’s health is not a joke. I am not lazy. I recommend Shakeology to every person, potential client and family member because I know what it has done for my family in regards to our health. The more I research about food production in the US, the more I realize I don’t have much of a choice but to supplement. And at $4/day….I am getting the best bang for my buck.

I hope this helps you if you have ever wanted to try Shakeology but were skeptical. If you have any questions, please do not hesitate to contact me!

Have a FIT Tuesday!



2 thoughts on “Shakeology a Joke?

  1. priscillamillsap says:

    It’s really unfortunate that people feel the need to give their negative feedback. Obviously you love it and you believe in it, so why would someone feel the need to rain on yours or any other one’s parade? Strange. Keep doin what you do girl!

    • tiffanyharper says:

      Thanks Priscilla!!! I think people are so apprehensive when it comes to something different. And with so many “shakes” out there, it can be hard to know who is telling the truth and who is selling you lies. :). Hugs!!! Thank you for your encouragement!

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