Find Your Fit Family

I am so thankful for social media when it comes to fitness.

When I first began on my journey, I definitely didn’t have a ton of people to connect with regularly to keep me motivated towards eating healthier and moving my body. It wasn’t that my friends didn’t care.

They just weren’t there yet.

Maybe you are just starting out and your friends think you are crazy or stupid (in love of course!) For doing what you are doing. They just aren’t ready yet to make the changes you are trying to make.

That is okay!

Lucky for you and me, there is a whole community full of people who have embraced this lifestyle.

A lifestyle of health.

All you need to do is be open and meet new friends. Instagram is full of inspirational people with incredible stories, tips, and recipes to keep you pumped towards reachin

g your goal. I am on there too as @tiffharper143. We would all love to connect with you and go on this journey together.

Remember, you aren’t meant to do this alone, even if you made the decision to get healthy all on your own. When you have others around you, rooting you on and supporting you, you WILL reach your goal.

And speaking of Fit Friends, be sure to check out my friend Priscilla over at Queen Of The Dessert. She is awesome and I know you will love her too! Tell her Tiffany Harper sent ya!

Love my fit family! Find yours today!



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