Stitchfix #5

It is true. I have a Passion for fashion. I love shopping for clothes. Just ask my mother. She had to always tell me to put clothes back because I had an armful and she was not about to buy it all. Haha!

I got my latest package from Stitchfix and it was so good! I loved almost everything. I definitely did a happy dance when I saw what was inside. Such great pieces this time around.


Here we go.

#1. Honey Punch Payge Striped Cross-back sweater; Green, $48.00

I loved this sweater. Perfect for walking the pier on a summer night. It definitely is a lighter sweater and I adored the color. I want to grab some white shorts to go with it. Keep!

#2. 41Hawthorn Two Strand Bubble Necklace, Pink, $28.00

Loved it. Died for it. Keep!

#3. LA MADE Casper Chiffon Geo Print Tunic Dress; Pink, $88.00

I loved this dress on me. The color was gorgeous and looks more coral than pink, but maybe I just don’t know my colors. Lol! It is a tad pricier than what I’d like so I am debating on whether I should keep it. But it is perfect for a date night or church. Love it. It also came with a slip (which you would need for this dress). Beautiful piece. Undecided.

#4. Skies Are Blue; Jayda Dot Cuffed Chambray Top, Blue, $58.00

Can you ever have too much Chambray? I think not! Loved this top. It fit perfectly and I love that they styled it with shorts because this is totally what I would do! My husband reminded me of the chambray top hanging in my closet so he probably won’t let me keep it. But I love it! Probably returning but want to keep it. πŸ™‚

#5. Aryn K; Layla Crochet Detail Collared Tank, Orange, $68.00

I loved the style and color of this top. The details? Gorgeous. Who doesn’t love crochet??!! Like the other tops, this is perfect for summer in shorts or hot nights out in skinnies and heels. I wore a white tank underneath but definitely need to go with nude, unleash you are looking to punch some color through the crochet. Personally, I think the crochet is enough detail. But you do what your little fashion inclined heart tells you to! Want to Keep so bad!

So that was Stitchfix number 5! A couple of tips and things to remember.

1. The stuff you will be receiving is NOT Forever 21 quality. They are higher end pieces, boutique quality that you would find in stores like Nordstrom, local boutiques, Nordstrom Rack etc. So if you know this going in, the prices won’t shock you.

2. That being said, don’t be afraid to invest in quality pieces from time to time. I rarely buy everything from my Fix. Only what I love. And I don’t schedule a fix every month. Only when I am wanting to update or have something special happening.

3. I am VERY clear with my feedback about what I did and didn’t like. I believe this has really helped the Stylists at Stitchfix get me such great packages. If you are continually getting pieces that are too expensive, don’t fit or are not what you want, either you haven’t communicated enough to them, your style survey might be incomplete or the stylist didn’t get you. It is okay to request for a certain Stylist (no guarantees!) Or request NOT to have a certain one. SPEAK UP! πŸ™‚

If you would like to try StitchFix, please feel free to use my link to get started.




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