Grace Is For Sinners

Whatever you have done in the past, or even currently, know and remember this.

God’s grace is for you. A sinner.

It is so easy to get caught up in the idea that grace is only for the healthy Christian who goes to church every Sunday, faithfully serves and acts chipper. That when everything is goof, how great is our God. We love His grace and blessings.

But what if you have fallen? Made a mistake, big or small? It cost you everything?

Can you still cling to His goodness? Worship Him? Can you remember His grace towards you while His Son hung on the tree?

Maybe you have been ostracized, condemned, removed from your community? Maybe folks are a little less willing to communicate with you. Maybe, those you believed were friends, turned out to be friends at all.

But Jesus is your friend.

Remember Peter, after denying Jesus three times. Jesus still called Him to lead His church and love His sheep.

Mary, caught in the act of adultery. Jesus did not condemn her. He reconciled her to Himself.

Remember David, taking too long of a glance at Bathsheba, noticing how beautiful she was and taking her from her husband. God still loved Him, David was still King and He still included David in Christ’s lineage.

People may disqualify you, but God does not. Discipline may be painful, but you are still of use to Him.

Even if no one else extends grace towards you….

God’s love covers you.

Grace is for the sinner.



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