Stitch Fix Review #6

Hello friends!


It is that time again where I share the goodies I got from StitchFix.  If you have not yet, checked them out, or have no idea what it is, be sure to check my very first review.  I know that you would love it!!!

So I apologize that I don’t have photos of me trying on the clothes this time.  I literally got my package the night before I left for Laughlin so I had to be quick. I did photograph each piece so that you can get a visual. But next time, I promise, FULL FASHION SHOW!

It is just more fun that way ;).

stitchfix 6

#1. 41Hawthorn Addison striped Knit Cardigan; Green

This cardigan was so lovely on.  You know how some cardigans fit funny or they hit weird at the waist? This one did not and that made me do a happy dance!  I felt though that it was something I could have easily picked up elsewhere for a little less so I decided not to keep it, but I did love it!!

#2. Frenzii Paradiso Cowl Neck Short Sleeve Top; Green

I loved the color and the way it fit. Again, something I felt I could get elsewhere but I loved that you could easily tuck this shirt into a cute pencil skirt or wear with jeans.  Loved it!

#3. Kensie Jean Kaine Floral Print Skinny Jean; Green

I LOVED these.  I kept them (let’s just get that out of the way shall we) and truly, I never would have picked these for myself in a store. I might have looked at them and then just passed on trying them on because I always believed prints like these just “weren’t for me”. WRONG!  Sweet Becky (who was my stylist for this fix) saw on my pinterest that I had pinned floral skinnies and thought I should definitely try them on. She truly believed I would love them and she was RIGHT! Plus, how cool was it that she paid attention to my pinterest page?  That, my dear friends, is excellent service.

#4. RD Style Joetta V-Neck Detail Sweater; Purple

Loved these, wanted to keep them but Dan told me I could only pick ONE thing for my fix this month. So you can blame him. LOL!  No seriously I loved how this sweater hung on my frame. It wasn’t too big but big enough where it was cozy and cute all at the same time. And I love purple. Pink is my favorite color but Purple is a close second!


#5. 41Hawthorne Rooftop Stone Drop Earrings

Just. Gorgeous. Need I say more.  I think my one of my favorite parts of getting a fix are seeing what accessories they include. I don’t always buy them, but they always give me a great idea of what is hot right now and what would look great with my outfits.

So that was my sixth fix.  I seriously cannot tell you how much I love this company. Plus, the personal touches like the one I got from my stylist Becky makes the whole concept even sweeter.  It is true, you do pay a little more the clothing you get, but Stitchfix never said you had to buy every piece (although they do reward you with a 25% discount if you do!) but invest in yourself occasionally with clothes and accessories that will last you longer than a month.  The clothes that I have spent a little more money on have lasted me for a long time. I never regret a purchase from StitchFix.

If you are interested in getting a box of your own, you can head here and begin creating a profile.


P.S. Stitchfix has not compensated me for this review. The link posted is a personal one and I do get a credit for those who sign up through the link.  If you have any questions please do not  hesitate to ask! I absolutely am a huge fan of this company so I regularly share my fixes with all of you so you can get an idea of what they can send you!


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