Mommy and Sean Preschool

Yesterday, Sean and I had our first day of “School”.


I had originally intended for him to attend a private preschool at our church, but with all the changes and flux in income, Dan and I decided, for now, to educate him at home.

He is only 4 and call me a rebel, but I truly don’t see the rush in putting a child in school. I don’t.  This is a minor tangent but who on earth decided that if a child doesn’t know certain concepts by a certain age and within a certain time frame, they will be set up to fail and be “behind”.  Why are we in such a rush to push our babies through a system?

I am not anti- education or even anti public school! Hello! My daughter attends a public school and is doing FANTASTIC! She has amazing teachers and we couldn’t be more thankful! But I definitely am against a one size fits all method and standards for children.  Sorry if that steps on toes and I know you have to have some way of measuring a child’s progress but that is just how I feel. Ha!

Sorry for the soapbox. Now to share with you what Sean and I will be doing this year! I am super excited because truly, homeschooling has been on my heart for a few years.  It was definitely not something that I pictured as an option for my children since I have never really considered myself qualified to be a “teacher”.  The patience teachers have to have with children (especially grade school children!) is remarkable and admirable.  Patience is not something I have mastered.

I was inspired by this post by Sarah Mae and she explained her homeschooling philosophy and what she was choosing to teach her children. She has a preschooler as well and her advice was simply this: Just Play with your babe. When they are especially young, they are always in a stage of learning.  They are understanding new directions, figuring out their colors by looking at nature and coloring the pages of a coloring book.  They are recognizing letters based on signs or when we write their names or through a book. Dan and I read to our kids every night so their vocabulary is expanding and Sean can even recite by memory his favorite book.

I downloaded some great resources (FREE!) from Early Learning Printables so that I can give Sean some hands on work and activities.  I will also be doing a Bible study with both Madi and Sean from Good Morning Girls through their latest bible Study “Loving Like Jesus for kids”. Another great resource that I downloaded, again for FREE, was from One Beautiful Home. It is a Preschool Assessment printable that gives you an idea of what kids are learning or “should” understand by the time they reach Kindergarten. Again, if you are a rebel like me, you may roll your eyes at this, however, I think it is a valuable resource especially if you plan to send your kids to public or even private school.  I know Public school is on the table for us as of right now, but who knows.

My philosophy is that education choice should be evaluated yearly.  Right now, we are perfectly at peace with this scenario.  Madi is at a great school and has a great teacher.  Sean is super smart and outgoing and has no problem interacting with other kids.  He will be fine. Every child is different in how they learn, how they react to change and how they react to individuals. You need to KNOW your child and do what is best for YOUR child when it comes to their education.  Seek wisdom, ignore the know it all’s.  You are the parent.  Enjoy this time with your precious babe.  I am.

Mommy and Sean preschool


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