Be A Woman Living Well

*Nerd alert* I start to geek out whenever I grab a new book and begin devouring it.  So please, if you are not as excited about books as I am, then just hang in there with me.  *wink*

women living well

I recently began reading “Women Living Well” by Courtney Joseph and I have to say I am loving it. I had high expectations for her book as I follow her blog regularly and am often inspired to be a woman who is far more than just a girl who loves Jesus.

But breathes Jesus.  Who inspires her family to do the same.

Who is not just physically fit, but spiritually fit. Spiritually whole thanks to her Savior.

As women in general, we rarely take the moments to just stop. To slow down and embrace solitude and peace and rest.  We cram our days with a billion things on our to-do list to meet a demanding and self-absorbed world. We try to “keep up with the Joneses” and believe the lie that if we have more money, more things, more health, more cars, more influence, more friends…..then and only then will be successful and counted worthy.

But that is not what God says at all. 

His word is clear that we are to love God with all our heart, and then love His people.

I will be a Woman Living Well if I cling to His Promises and abide by His statutes. When I write them on the doorposts of my home. When I teach my children to love God and to abide in Him.  When they see Mommy who is peaceful and soft-spoken and not given to anger quickly.  When my husband sees me as a wife who exudes the Fruit of The Spirit and is a woman he can put his trust in because she will do him good and not harm.

That I would look to the needs of others before myself.

A Woman Living Well is not a slave in her home. She is not a woman without a voice. Have you met me?  I am as opinionated as they come. So feisty, my husband nicknamed me “Salsa” while we were dating. Ha!  I am passionate about many things (health, marriage, fighting injustice, music, theater, coffee….the one I had to throw in there).

A Woman Living Well is a woman who knows she is the daughter of the King.  That He knows her heart. That He cares for her. That He directs, guides and corrects. She is a woman who chooses to follow Him.

That is the kind of woman I desire to be.

Are you currently reading Women Living Well?

What have you enjoyed from the book so far?

If you don’t have it yet, go grab it on Amazon! =)




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