Box Day!

Okay first, what is Box Day?

For those of you who homeschool and use Sonlight curriculum, you know what this means and how excited you get for the upcoming year.

Basically, it is the day your entire school year curriculum arrives to your house and you get to tear it open and enjoy the goodies inside!

I made the plans to homeschool Sean for preschool this year, but realized I needed something with more structure. A good friend of mine suggested Sonlight, since she was doing it with her kids. I fell in love with this literature based program and Dan gave me the okay to get it.

I got Core 4/5 (Pre-k) and it arrived last week!




We just finished our first week and I am loving it. It comes with an Instructor’s Guide so all of my lesson plans are written out for the year, perfect for a rookie homeschooler like me. As I become more comfortable, I am sure if will figure out what is best for my kids.

I also love that they included a weekly Scripture to memorize together. Sean and Madi learned it together. One proud momma!

If you are thinking about homeschooling, you check Sonlight out here. It is not the cheapest curriculum on the market, I will be honest about that. But, you get a lot for your money!

Do you homeschool? What curriculum, if any, are you using?


2 thoughts on “Box Day!

  1. Esther says:

    We love box day! My little ones don’t get it as much as my older ones did, since we now own almost every Sonlight core. Now are boxes are much smaller, with a few supplementals and such, so it is not so exciting. I have used Sonlight for 10 years and my 17yo is about to graduate and complete Core 400. When he was younger, I was pretty strict at following the IG, but now with my younger ones, I highly modify, and haven’t actually looked at an IG in quite awhile. We mostly just read and analyze the literature since we are following a more classical approach, which actually easily coincides with Sonlight and the 3Rs approach. The best thing is that we have established an extensive library with extremely engaging and quality literature. Sonlight’s gift is the ability to pick just the right literature, and I am happy that I get to experience each book with my kids. My kids love history because of Sonlight. What an exciting journey you are beginning! 🙂

  2. An Unfolding Glory says:

    We have used Sonlight for years! It has been such a good curriculum for my two kids. It taught them to think critically–a very important skill, especially as they get older. I still have an old Sonlight box! We used to get excited when everything came in the mail too 🙂

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