Gym Memberships Vs Challenge Packs

In my quest to help as many people as possible become healthier, I offer challenge groups in order to provide tools that will combine fitness, nutrition, and accountability to their routine.  I have found in my own personal quest for a healthier body, these components are essential.

But like many of you, I like to save a few bucks in the process.  I am not cheap, but I definitely search for good bargains.

I hear so many of you want to participate in my challenge groups, but the cost of a challenge pack scares you.  And then you end up paying for a gym membership instead. I want to break it down for you so you can see that with a challenge pack, you will actually be SAVING money and getting way more for your dollar.

1. The cost of membership.  Most gyms require a contract and you are required to pay a monthly fee (ranging from $10 and up). Some of the more upscale gyms will also require a one time membership fee that you pay at the time of commitment (anywhere from $20 to $200).  So, as an example, say you chose to join a gym whose membership fee is $10 and as a special they waived the $10 joining fee.  $10 times 12 months of the year is equal to $120 for the entire year.  And that price does not include a personal trainer (you pay separately) and/or nutrition plans.

For the cost of the challenge pack, while yes, you pay one lump sum for your package, remember that it includes everything you need for your health and fitness journey.  For example, I have a special happening for the Les Mills Combat fitness program.  For $140, you get the entire fitness program, nutrition guide, your first 30 days of Shakeology (your choice flavor and no contract required-meaning if you don’t love it, you can cancel without penalty), and ME as your FREE coach to make sure you get the results you are looking for. You get way more for your dollar. And aren’t we honestly trying to be good stewards of our dollars?

Prices vary depending on what plan we decide together is the best for you, but I promise, I will make it the best option for your budget and for your personal goals.

2. Availability and Time. Do you have a favorite machine or piece of equipment that you love at the gym? What about time? Are you finding that it is hard to go at the same time every day AND get the workout you want done because someone is always hogging the machine or weights?  Gyms are not the devil.  They are great tools and if you have a membership, great! But for those of you who are familiar with gym environments, you have to be flexible and you need to know your way around the gym.  Plus, you need to create your own workout schedule so that you aren’t wasting time at the gym and that you will get in an effective workout in the time you have allotted.

With a challenge pack, a workout schedule is created for you. You just pop in the DVD and push play.  Some of them even don’t require any equipment (Focus T25 anyone?) And some of them are only 30 minutes long or less. Meaning you don’t have to do a lot of thinking since the process was simplified for you. That doesn’t mean your workout won’t be challenging. It will be.  But let’s ease the stress a bit as you try to create a healthy routine for yourself.

3. Accountability/Motivation. Another big reason people choose gym memberships over a challenge pack is because they believe that having people around them in a gym setting will push them more.  While I can certainly understand the reasoning behind that, when I had a gym membership, that wasn’t always true.  In fact, it can be quite intimidating, especially when you are first starting out in a fitness routine.  There is nothing wrong with going to fitness classes or going to the gym for the fun/accountable/motivating factor. But you can easily be motivated and encouraged in one of my challenge groups as I provide you with FREE daily tips, motivation, encouragement, recipes and more to ensure that you get results. Because the group really is all about you anyway.

4. Results.  You can certainly get results from going to the gym.  I have seen it myself and from friends.  So do not misunderstand me.

But I have yet to have anyone get better results by going to the gym without any plan, accountability and guidance in nutrition.  Challenge packs are designed for your success.  You follow the plan laid out, you WILL get results.  Period.  I am not saying that to sell you. I am saying that because the results are real and I have them as proof.  (You can find my success story features over on my Facebook page.)

So if you are reading this and you want the results, the affordability, the motivation, and the simplicity of one of my groups, I only have a few spots left in my Combat the Fat group beginning March 10th.  Head over to the Join My Challenge tab and fill out the contact info and I will get back to you right away.

Have a FIT Monday friends!

Coach Tiff


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