Lentil, Bruschetta & Feta Salad

Every once in awhile, your taste buds get introduced to something pretty awesome.

And then you obsess about it and ponder the next time you will be able to get those exact ingredients so you can make it and enjoy it all over again.

This dish was just that for me and more. One of my sweet friends made this for our small group at church and oh goodness: Life Changing.

Maybe not life changing. But it was certainly DELICIOUS.

So for my niece’s 16th birthday party, I decided to provide a nice healthy option for everyone. Huge hit.

And I think it will be for you as well:

WARNING: it is very complicated to make. Just so you know.

Lentil, Bruschetta, & Feta Salad

All ingredients listed from Trader Joe’s
1 package of steamed Lentils
1 container of Bruschetta Sauce, pre-made (near hummus, dips etc)
1 container of Feta cheese

Open ingredients. Dump in bowl. Stir and serve with whole grain crackers, toast, pita or anything you can think of. Or just grab a spoon baby and eat that all up.

See? Told you it was difficult 😜.

I hope you enjoy! Thanks to my girl Gita for sharing the recipe!!!




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