Cut the Sugar Habit

If you have ever heard the term “sugar in moderation”, I want you to rethink that.

Especially if you are like me and you have children.

Sugar is poison. Yes. A poison.

And it is found in practically everything we eat and drink.

It is wrecking havoc on our health, the health of our children and it is killing us.

I am one who likes to take on the big guys who purposely promote their products as healthy for kids, but it is loaded with more sugar than a candy bar.

Not okay.

Beginning in May over at Tiffany Harper Online, I am running a campaign for the month that will lay the smackdown on sugar. I will be sharing healthy recipes for your family, daily tips and findings so that we can arm ourselves with knowledge, as well as promote healthier living in our households.

Because really, you are worth it. Your family is worth it. No food item, I don’t care how cheap or how great a deal it was, is worth poisoning your family for if it is laced with so much sugar they crash. Sorry.

Let’s do this together.


Coach Tiff


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