Be A Size You-The Movement


I began my fitness journey in February of 2011. I was a exhausted mommy of two little ones who desperately just wanted to play with her babies without having to succumb to the daily four nap. I wanted to feel normal. I wanted to be healthy. I wanted to be a good steward of my time and of the gifts that God had given me. But my lack of self care prevented me from truly honoring God with my body and honoring my role as a mommy and a wife.

I had been desperate. So I put away all the excuses, even the money one (we were a single income family living paycheck to paycheck), and with Dan’s support, began a journey I have not once regretted.

I did not care to look like a supermodel. At 5 feet 4 inches, those dreams were about shot from the beginning 😜.

But I did want to be healthier than I was at that moment. And I did want to become stronger. And I did want to feel comfortable again in clothes and see some results from hard work.

And 9 months in, I lost 19 pounds and felt better than ever. I was not only healthier on the outside, but my faith was transformed as I began to see health and fitness from God’s point of view.

Hence, Be A Size You was born.

I have been using that phrase for the past three words. It is not just something cute to say.

It. Is. A. Movement.

Maybe you are a momma, a wife, in ministry, a CEO, whatever….being healthy inside and out is attainable to you.

Being healthy has NOTHING to do with showing off your abs in really tight crop tops, or wearing teeny tiny shorts to show how round your butt is.

I could care LESS.

Being a Size YOU means embracing all the parts of us that God created, thanking Him for our abilities to move, honoring Him by taking good care of ourselves, and helping other women achieve the same thing.

Being a Size YOU is healthy from the inside out.

It is a community of women (and some men) who believe with all their heart that this is the one body we have, so we should care for it.

My dream by the end of this summer is to have a new site running specifically for this movement. A community where you will find inspirational stories and photos, fitness tips and challenges, and for those who choose to join on my team as coaches, training so that you can lead and train up other leaders.

My heart is so excited! Will you pray? This is a big project. One I am ready to take on, but there are still many details to iron out. My timeline is short but I am confident in this dream God has placed in my heart.

Be a Size You my friends. I cannot wait until all of this becomes a reality.

Coach Tiff


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