Celebrate the Beauty of a Team


The last couple of months have been incredibly exciting. If you follow me on social media, you know that my ultimate passion is to help women like you become healthy and whole. I get so excited when someone gets it. When they start to see themselves through the lens of their Savior, buckle down and admit what needs to change and then do it, and surrender all the excuses they held so tightly for so long.

But God has been teaching me a lot about the value of doing life together. Doing life as a team.

I have been devouring the Nehemiah study with She Reads Truth and it has been a perfectly timed study.

Regardless of what you do. Whether you are in business with leaders underneath you, involved in ministry, married, etc….there is absolute beauty in a team. You can do so much more when you do life together.

The biggest reason why I like putting my customers into fitness challenge groups? Because we get to reach our goals TOGETHER. We get to accomplish way more than we thought possible when we allow others in our lives who share our passion and desire to fulfill a similar goal. It is exciting and that much more fun!!

For me, the biggest thing this last month has been stepping back, and seeing all that my team has accomplished. Not what I had accomplished. But my team. Truth be told, I wouldn’t be here without them. It is not very fun to do business alone. Thankful I have friends who are passionate about doing this with me.

What are you involved in that needs a team to complete? Feel free to celebrate them!

Ephesians 4:16

Be a size You!



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