Yes, You Can Lose Weight and Feel Amazing During the Holidays

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During this time of year, all anyone can ever think about is Thanksgiving dinner, Christmas shopping, the parties, the baked goods….you get the idea.

Losing weight is not on our agenda until the new year. That is what normal people do.

But I never claimed to be normal. You aren’t normal, either! 😉

Maybe you are someone who doesn’t have to lose weight, but you have some physical goals you would love to achieve.  That is possible as well during the holidays.

Here is one thing you need to know before you do anything else:

Only you have control over your body and how you care for it.  No one else can do that for you.

Don’t blame your genetics. Don’t blame the time of year. Don’t blame other people.  It is all on you.  Got it?

Here is how you can absolutely lose weight and feel amazing during the Holidays.

  1. You need a goal.  And it has to be more than “I want to maintain my weight” or “I want to lose weight and not gain”.  It has to be a goal that is specific. It has to be measurable. There needs to be a deadline.  We like to call the SMART goals.
2. You need accountability.  This is why I put on a Be a Size You boot camp every single month. I have friends and customers that have goals.  I want them to reach those goals.  When they pick a fitness and nutrition plan from me, I give them 100% of my energy and time to push them and keep them accountable to that plan so that they won’t fail.  Accountability is different from support. A lot of people will join these mass online challenges and call that accountability. Those are fun. They are economical and they provide support and motivation, but they are not accountability.  You need someone who will not let you off the hook in terms of your goals and your plan. They will love you, and they will give you tough love.  So get some accountability!

3. You need to be willing to tell yourself NO.  You need to sacrifice something.  I know that sacrifice is not a popular subject. Too often people mistake sacrifice for deprivation. But those two words are not the same.  Deprivation means to lack the necessary needs or withhold them from someone, and it is usually associated with negativity.  Poverty is a sign of deprivation.

Sacrifice means to give up one thing for another. So for example, if during this season, you know that you are most likely to succumb to all the baked goods that are around you, choose instead not to bake or say no to gatherings that you know will sabotage your goals. Saying no is your friend!  I always like to tell myself that I am saying no to this one thing, because I know I am working towards something greater.

4. Be willing to try something different. Don’t be a NEW hater.  New goals require a new approach.  If you are looking to lose weight and what you are doing is not working, you need to adjust your plan, do your research, and find something new that will help you accomplish that goal.  It breaks my heart when friends will turn down an idea and insist they know what they are doing, and they end up spinning their wheels trying to overcome the same hurdle with the same ineffective methods. Folks, that is the definition of insanity!  Find a new fitness and nutrition plan.  And remember, get an accountability partner!

My final thought is this. Anything is possible.  You can still enjoy all the wonderful things that the holidays have to offer and still work towards your goals.  Your health is a great gift. Why put it off until the new year, when you actually can choose to take care of yourself now.  I bet your family would appreciate having you around to celebrate the holidays with them.

Be a Size You,



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