Get in the Spirit for Fitness

I used to tell myself this every single year! I had all of these aspirations to be fit, to be stronger, to have more energy. And funny thing was, that inspiration always seemed to strike right in the middle of the holidays!

Are you feeling me on this?

I would then justify NOT starting because, hello, Christmas was close! I had to save my pennies to shop for gifts. I was going to be surrounded by baked goods at parties and at church so what was the point of eating healthy for the rest of my meals at home. (See where I am going?). So I would wait until January……or later in the new year to get started on my goals…..long after the idea presented itself.

Here is why I believe NOW is the time to get started on your health and fitness goals, if you have them. 

1. You avoid the crowds at the gym come January. I love the people get excited for the New Year. A new beginning and a fresh start. But it also means everyone is doing the same thing and it can sometimes be hard to focus when so many are around you. I believe it can be inspiring as well, but a lot of times it can be distracting. Now is the time because not many people will be willing to transform during this season. But you aren’t like everyone else!

2. You can lose weight instead of gain this holiday season. There is debate over the actual numbers regarding weight gain during the holidays, but truthfully, most people, if they don’t have a plan in place, do eat in excess and see some gain. You get to buck the trend and either maintain your weight if you desire or even lose, if that is what you are working towards. Again, you don’t have to be like everyone else. 

3. You will actually have more energy and be less stressed this season. Let’s face it: the holidays can be very stressful and exhausting. There is a lot to do, especially for those of you who travel long distances to see family. But you don’t have to sacrifice yourself on the altar of stress for the sake of the season. Exercise and good nutrition will help you stay balanced and your body in good form so that you can accomplish all that you need to with joy. And your family will appreciate it too!
Bottom line is the excuse to wait until January is simply that: an excuse. I know that isn’t easy to hear. We want to justify our reasons for letting go and mistreating our bodies. But Christmas comes every year, same time. There really is NO excuse to put off caring for your body. You don’t need to work towards obtaining a six pack, but you should be working towards being a size you so you can serve your family and live life well. 

If you need some motivation or a plan, I would love to help you! I have been living the Be a Size You lifestyle for 4 years now and it has enriched my life deeply! I want you to experience the same thing! 
Be a Size You,



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