Small Business Christmas Ideas

I am a huge believer in supporting small businesses. Yes, you can get a lot of great things at Target, Walmart, and even Amazon, but I love knowing that my dollars will go to a mom working to help her family, or an organization that has a mission to change the world for good in mind.

That is something to feel good about.  I work hard at what I do, and I want to know that my dollars are going toward good. Big businesses are important, because they can supply jobs and opportunities that many small businesses can’t, but small businesses should not be neglected. They are vital!

If you are still looking for some Christmas gifts, here are a couple of my favorite small businesses that you should support:

31 Bits: They are an incredible organization that is dedicated to hiring women in Uganda and giving them the opportunity to make an income for their families, something that many do not have.  Read their story and check out their incredible jewelry. Gorgeous pieces and perfect gifts for anyone of your girlfriends!

Cross Training Couture: If you know someone who loves working out, and is constantly on the search for active wear with a positive message, my sweet friend, Michelle Myers, is the owner of this active wear shop.  I have several of her tanks and her sweaters and they are my go to source for active wear tanks. I love the message, and I love the person behind this company. Michelle’s heart is real and she loves Jesus.  You will fall in love with her, just as I have!

Dashing Dish: Know anyone who loves to cook but gets overwhelmed by meal planning?  I love the membership option (only $7.95 a month) that gives you access to thousands of recipes, and more are being added regularly.  You can create a grocery list, menu, save favorite recipes and more.  I have been using the membership for a few months now and I don’t know why I waited so long to get one!

There are so many more small businesses that I could name!

What are your favorite small businesses that you want to see supported?


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