What Does it Mean to Be a Size You?

My son was 18 months at the time, and I still looked 5 months pregnant. And I had the energy to match it. I was exhausted all the time. When my son went down to nap, so did I.  It was the only way I could function.

Problem was,  I had a four year old daughter who was desperately wanting time with me. She wanted me to play, and I couldn’t give that to her. I didn’t have the energy to do it.

I felt ashamed and I felt like a failure as a mother. I began comparing myself to all of the other moms who seemed to have it all together, their schedule and their bodies, and wondered why I couldn’t be like them.

Beating myself up became a pretty regular activity for me.

One day, I just decided I had really had enough. A precious friend of mine told me that I either needed to change what was happening, or keep complaining and do nothing. Nothing was changing due to my complaining, so I decided to move.

That was it.

I pulled out an old fitness dvd called Turbo Jam and pushed play.  After a few months of that, with some results, I realized that I needed a real education on my nutrition. So I invested in a whole foods based nutrition plan. Spending money on myself was not something I wanted to do. I felt selfish and I told myself there were a billion other things that we could spend this money on.  But my husband encouraged me to do it, because he knew that the investment in my health would benefit everyone in the long run, even if at the time I couldn’t see it.

Tiffany before after

It took me 9 months, but I did it!  I lost the baby weight, I gained energy I had been missing for far too long. I gained back playtime with my kids.  I didn’t need a nap in the afternoon anymore in order to function. I was happier.  I felt better. My family noticed I was happier (and let’s face it, nicer to be around!). It was tough and there were no short cuts, but I am so thankful for the time!

But the physical, while awesome, is not where my transformation really took place.

During those nine months, I was still comparing myself to other moms and women who were further along in their journey than I was. Whose bodies looked better than mine did. It was then that God whispered to my heart to “Be a Size You.”

I didn’t need to diet or kill myself during exercise in order to look like anyone else. This body that I was given? The only earthly one I will get?

I needed to take care of that. I was to be a good steward of what He had given me. I needed to forget comparing myself and keep going. God had created me Himself. He fashioned me and put me together. I want to be the size that God has designed me to be. I want to use the gifts God has given to me.  I want to reflect Him in all that I do. I want Him to get all of the glory each and every day.

Because of that, it has become my passion to teach other women to Be a Size You. Whatever that looks like, I want to help them get there. I enjoy fitness and health, but I love His word. While I help train the body to be stronger, I want to pour God’s word into your heart so that you can live free from any of the chains that may be holding you back from Being a Size You.

Tiffany Beachbody

You matter.  My job may be to help people get in shape, but my mission is clear.

To help every woman love their bodies and glorify God and serve Him.

Be a Size You,