What Is Shakeology?

I will be honest. When I first heard about Shakeology, I wasn’t really that interested.  I was pretty familiar with protein powders and I had an incredible dislike for supplement products that made big claims.  I figured Shakeology was just like the rest of them.

Besides that, I was already in the habit of eating pretty clean.  Why would I need this in my cupboards?

When I became a Coach with Beachbody, I told my Coach that I knew about Shakeology, but I wasn’t too sure about it.

“Why on earth would I need to buy this? I lost most of the weight without needing supplements. What could this possibly do for me?”

Her response?

“This is not a crazy, fad weight loss shake. Shakeology gives you complete, whole nutrition.  Nutrients your body CRAVES.”


So I did my research. Impressed with what I saw, I purchased a bag and tried one of the recipes included with my purchase.

Honestly, what goes better with Chocolate than peanut butter?


I loved that even though it was healthy and my body was being fueled with over 70 types of healthy ingredients, vitamins, minerals and phyto-nutrients the earth could provide, it didn’t taste healthy. That was a huge deal for me.  I have even given Shakeology to my very picky kids and husband.  They love it as well.

That satisfies me as a wife and a mother. Knowing full well that I taking care of my family nutritionally. If you are a parent, I am sure this means a lot to you as well.

I don’t tout Shakeology as a weight loss or a protein shake.  I tell everyone I know that this is a total health shake.  Even with juicing (and I LOVE juicing!) you cannot get the amount of nutrients that is provided in this bag.

But don’t just take my word for it.

Hear what Doctors have to say about Shakeology

❤ Tiff


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